2022 Provincial Teams

Here are your 2022 Alberta Bicycle BMX Provincial Team selections

2022 Provincial High Performance Team:

  • Abygale Reeve
  • Alexia Petrik
  • Ashtynn Forsberg
  • Atley Carson
  • Daisy Kettle
  • Dylan Tremel
  • Ethan Hunter
  • Finn McNamara
  • Hailey Tremel
  • Isabella Bregliano
  • Jalyn Holinski
  • Jaxson Ross
  • Max Ganakovsky
  • Nico Diaz
  • Nolan Reiling,
  • Taryn Baillie

2022 Development Team:

  • Alexis Cremers
  • Brady Mitschke
  • Dane St. Dennis
  • Dominick Gosselin-Berg
  • Gage Carson
  • Haylee Laurell
  • Logan Lee
  • Luc Burns
  • Nathan Vlahakis
  • Payton Duffy
  • Quinn Reiling
  • Zoe Witwicki


  • Daina Tuchscherer - Coach

The BMX Provincial Team provides development opportunities to racers in the Train to Compete and Learn to Win stages of the Long Term Athlete Development model. The purpose of the BMX Provincial Team is to give an opportunity and funding to Alberta athletes who wish to experience larger races, experience Supercross training and improve their performance.

Athletes who are applying for a position on the Provincial Team must be willing to participate in projects with the team and should be looking to perfect the skills required to be successful on Supercross tracks.

The team for 2022 will consist of 12 positions, with the possibility of increasing or decreasing the number over all or on a per project basis at the discretion of the ABA and ABA BMX Committee.

  • Each rider will receive a Team jersey supplied by the Alberta Bicycle Association and its key sponsors.
  • All active Provincial Team athlete will have entry fees paid at the Alberta Provincial Championships, Alberta Cup Grands, and Canadian National Championships, the ABA may choose to provide financial support to other races. Athletes will have access to training camps and performance-based education.

  • Personal coaching provided by the ABA will not be available to athletes outside of predetermined projects.

  • The ABA may choose to offer support to Elite athletes interested in participating at the National Championships. The selection will be based on the 2021 National and 2021 Canada Cup performances; all support is contingent on the athlete participating as Team Alberta (registration and jersey).

Team Criteria

  • All athletes interested in gaining a position on the team must apply by submitting a resume.
  • To be eligible for selection, athletes must be licensed members of the Alberta Bicycle Association
  • All 16-year-old athletes applying for the team must possess a license in the Junior Championship Class in their first (17-year-old) junior year.
  • Athletes selected as candidates are required to sign the Team Alberta Athlete Agreement approving all team rules and regulations prior to being accepted to the roster.
  • Projects are not entirely funded; selected athletes are responsible to contributing a portion of the costs. In the past this has been at least $1,500.
  • Team members are required to participate in the Alberta Provincial Cup Series age appropriate category and junior devo (where age appropriate) and are expected to attend the Alberta Provincial Championships. Exceptions due to extenuating circumstances may be granted at the discretion of the Alberta Provincial Team Coach and the BMX Committee
  • Team members must wear the Provincial Team uniform when competing for Team Alberta at all identified team projects.
  • Athletes may be selected for doping control at any sanctioned event. It is the athlete's responsibility to become familiar with doping control procedures and the list of restricted and banned substances. Athletes should consult the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport (http://www.cces.ca) for information on restricted substances, therapeutic exemptions, and other doping control matters.
  • Any additional team spots may be awarded at the discretion of the Selection Committee.
  • Only athletes who travel as part of Team Alberta will receive funding from the ABA, unless the ABA office approves otherwise.
  • Athletes must be willing to work with and take direction from the Provincial Team coach(s).
  • All outstanding invoices with the Alberta Bicycle Association, Alberta BMX, and any club or coach that is a licensed member of the Alberta Bicycle Association must be paid prior to being considered for the Provincial Team

Selection Criteria

Qualified riders with the highest number of total points may be invited to try out for the team. Points will be earned based on the sum of the final rank in the Alberta Cup Provincial Series, Alberta Provincial Championships, the National Championships, and UCI BMX Events.

Athletes will receive a combined point score from each of the following events:

  • UCI BMX Events listed below
  • National Championships
  • Alberta Cup Series Junior Devo (where age appropriate)
  • Alberta Cup Series (Final ranking)
  • Alberta Provincial Championships (this event will serve as the tie breaker, if needed)

The point system is as follows:



















  • CM: UCI BMX World Championships (above points x5)
  • CDM: UCI BMX World Cup Supercross (above points x4)
  • CC: UCI BMX Continental Championships (above points x3)
  • C1: Category 1 UCI Race (above points x2)
  • National Championships (above points x2)
  • Canada Cup Junior Development (above points x 1.5)
  • Alberta Cup Junior Development (above points x1.5)
  • Alberta Cup Series Age Category (above points x 1.0)
  • Alberta Provincial Championships (above points x 1.0)

For example, a rider that place 3rd at the National Championships will receive 14 points (2x the point scale for 3rd place). A rider that finished first in the Canada Cup series Junior Development will receive 15 points (1.5x the point scale for 1st place).

Other considerations for selection will be

  • Commitment to the Alberta Bicycle Provincial Team program
  • Selection to Team Canada projects
  • Prior Provincial Team experiences

Selection Process

The BXM Committee will review all applications and if necessary select 20 applications for further review. These selections will be then reviewed by the ABA BMX Provincial Team coach, an ABA Staff member and an ABA Board member (with no related athletes applying) who will make the final selections.


All Athletes requesting a team selection must submit a written request letter and resume of race results for the 2021 (at minimum) season to the Alberta Bicycle Association. Applications for the 2022 season will be accepted from Aug 1, 2019 to Sept 30, 2021. Late applications will not be accepted, no exceptions. The final Provincial Team will be announced on or before Dec. 31, 2021. Team coaches and management may extend the deadline to the 2022 team at their discretion. Applications can be emailed to heather@albertabicycle.ab.ca

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