In Alberta, organized BMX racing is one of the cycling disciplines that make up the Alberta Bicycle Association. Each province has a cycling Provincial Sport Organizing body (PSO) regulated by Cycling Canada. The Alberta Bicycle Association is the PSO for cycling in Alberta.

Cycling Canada follows the regulations set out by the UCI (the worldwide governing body for cycling). Because the UCI regulations are sometimes too broad or generic, each country will make their own specific ammendments to the UCI regulations and publish it as a companion guide to the official UCI regulations. This is then further refined in the same way by each specific PSO for thier own Provinces' specific needs. The BMX specific rule changes for Alberta only are found in the Alberta Bicycle BMX Policy

The Alberta BMX Association (you are here) is a non-profit organization that exists to administer the Provincial Cup Series and Championships, assist in rider and club development and acts as guidance to the BMX Committee of the Alberta Bicycle Association.

Provincial Rainout Policy

Provincial Race Officials Policy

Moto Building

Alberta BMX uses the BEM moto building program. This program is used for most UCI sanctioned events through out the world. Each country has moto building rules tailored to their own unique requirements. Based on the moto building and class structure straight from the UCI rulebook the following modifications have been made:

  • When more than 1 moto is required for a class (i.e. more than 8 riders) the motos are mixed. This means riders are randomly allocated to each of the 3 qualifying motos and do not have to race the same riders all 3 times. The BEM program uses a randomizing formula to create the motos
  • When there are more than 8 riders in a class and quarters, semis or mains are required, lane choice will be given to the riders based on their moto finishes. The lowest overall score in the motos gets first choice in the next round. In the case of a tie, selection preference is given by finishing place in the previous stage with count-back to separate ties. If there is still a tie after that a run-off moto is completed between the tied riders