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BMX Racing

So you're intersted in BMX racing and want to know more about it? We'll do our best to help.

BMX is an indivual sport with a family group atmosphere. Anyone able to ride a bike without training wheels can race BMX.
Competing ages range from 3 to 50+ (male and female)

In BMX racing you decide how competitive you want to be. You can start out just riding your local track on open track or coaching times.
You can decide to race in your own age and classification at your local track.
You can race at other tracks on district race times. You can race your own age and classification at Provincial or National events.
At the highest level, you can represent your country at the Olympics.

It's all up to you!


  • General Club Member
  • District Racing
  • Provincial Cup Series
  • Provincial Championships
  • National Championships
  • Canada Cup (certain classes only)
  • World Championships
  • Olympics


  • Novice (beginner) Male and Female
  • Intermediate Male
  • Expert Male and Female
  • Junior Male and Female
  • Elite Male and Female
  • Cruiser Male and Female


  • 20" wheel size (or less), 24" for the Cruiser class
  • Long (tear-resistent) pants, long sleeved shirt/jersey, full fingered gloves, flat-soled shoes
  • Full-faced helmet (properly fitting)

These are the basics. You can advance into more protective equipment such as body armour, neck protection, etc.
You can also advance from a basic bike to a full-blown race machine.
Typically the equipment advances as the riders experience does.

For futher information contact your nearest local club, the Alberta BMX Association, or the Alberta Bicycle Association