AGM 2018 News
2019 Provincials
  • June 22/23 Provincials 1&2 in Medicine Hat
  • July 20/21 Provincials 3&4 in Stony Plain
  • August 3/4 Provincials 5&6 in Airdrie
  • August 17/18 Provincials 7&8 (Canada Cup) in Calgary
  • Sept 7/8 Grands/Championships in Cochrane
Rule Changes
  • UCI clip pedal rule adopted for 2019. You must be 13 or older by December 31st of your license year to use clip pedals
  • For CHAMPIONSHIP classes there are no more mandatory mains for clases with 8 or less riders
  • For CHAMPIONSHIP classes 5 riders minimum to make a class for men, 3 riders minimum to make a class for women (less than 3 women have the option to race junior or refund fees)
  • The CHAMPIONSHIP payout will be reconfigured, the full details to be relaeased with the BMX policy document
New Execuitive

The following positions were up for election. Listed are the newly elected members

  • VP - Doug Jones
  • Treasurer - Fran Duhaime
  • Promotions - Mike Chalmers
  • Rider Rep - Chris Nugent

2018 Alberta BMX Association Annual General Meeting to be held on October 20, 2018


Hampton Inn & Suites by Hilton Airdrie
52 East Lake Avenue | Airdrie, AB T4A-2G8 | Canada



2018 Provincial Grands - Okotoks: September 8, 2018

Total riders = 600 , Total entries = 661

2018 Provincial Championships - Okotoks: September 9, 2018

Total riders = 536 , Total entries = 583

2018 Provincial Cup Weekend - St. Albert: August 25-26, 2018

Day 1 Total riders = 504 , Total entries = 559
Day 2 Total riders = 468 , Total entries = 511

2018 Provincial Cup Weekend - Lethbridge: August 11-12, 2018

Day 1 Total riders = 411 , Total entries = 463
Day 2 Total riders = 410 , Total entries = 462

Code of Conduct

Hello everyone,
This past weekend was the best attended race in Alberta BMX history! Cudos to all the people that have worked for a long time to make this a reality! Alberta is currently the envy of Canadian BMX!!!! I understand that emotions are high during a provincial and that sometimes we make decisions and conduct ourselves in a manner that we later regret. I was told of parents berating/harassing officials/volunteers, swearing at riders to name only a few. This type of behavior by either a rider or parent is completely unacceptable and actually violates the ABA and track codes of conduct that each rider and parent of a minor agrees to abide by when obtaining your license. I realize that for the most part, BMX people are very good people and that the negative incidents to which I’m referring are isolated. However, I want to let you know so that going forward everyone can help in reminding people when their behavior is unacceptable which will help to curtail these incidents and not tarnish all the good that is happening within Alberta. Thank you for helping to keep BMX fun for everyone.
VP BMX Alberta Bicycle Association

Rider Code of Conduct
Parent Code of Conduct
2018 Provincial Cup Weekend - Red Deer: July 21-22, 2018

Day 1 Total riders = 591 , Total entries = 654
Day 2 Total riders = 535 , Total entries = 595

2018 Provincial Cup Weekend - Edmonton: June 23-24, 2018

Day 1 Total riders = 477 , Total entries = 526
Day 2 Total riders = 487 , Total entries = 539

Policy changes for 2018
  • Moto order will always be the same for each Provincial. We will start with the pros, followed by opens, Female Cruiser, Male Cruiser, Female Novice, Male Novice, Male Intermediate, Female Expert and Male Expert. We will run through 1 round of motos and have a 15 min break. We will run through the second round of motos and have a 15 min. break. We will run through the 3rd round of motos. If you are a total points class and have no quarters, semis or mains you are done. If you have quarters, semis or mains there will be a 30 min break after round 3 and then quarters, semis and mains will be run
  • The pros will run on a time schedule rather than a moto number schedule
  • We have added classes to the older groups. We are now back to 5 year groupings as follows:
    Cruiser Male and Female 30-34, 35-39, 40-44, 45+
    20" Male 30-34, 35-39, 40-44, 45+
    20" Female 17-24, 25+
  • Alberta BMX will supply a Box side plate free of charge to each member. If a replacement is required the rider will have to purchase it
  • No more "X"ing plates. You will be supplied with a non-permamant letter to cover your plate for that event
  • There will be a written policy regarding racing with injuries. In essence, if you are unable to safely ride the track, you can attend the event, pay your entry fee , present yourself to the head starter of the day for each moto, get a DNF and credit for the race. You will not be required to roll out

2018 Provincial Schedule

The 2018 Schedule has been decided. Check out all the dates and location on our SCHEDULES page

2018 Alberta BMX Executive

The 2017 Alberta BMX AGM saw 4 positions up for grabs. President, Secretary, Promotions and Rider Rep

In a surprising announcement Chris Bullivant told the room he was to be moving to Albany, NY in January so the position became vacant and was filled with the only nomination, Jonas Tremel

Secretary was filled by acclimation. Fran Jassman remains.

Rider Rep was filled by acclimation. Chris Nugent remains

Promotions was left vacant last year and was filled by John Twells. Welcome aboard!

2017 Alberta BMX AGM

OCTOBER 21, 2017, 9AM-5PM




2017 Summary
Day 1 Total riders = 518 , Total entries = 564
Day 2 Total riders = 514 , Total entries = 560
Stony Plain
Day 1 Total riders = 388 , Total entries = 418
Day 2 Total riders = 368 , Total entries = 403
Day 1 Total riders = 424 , Total entries = 462
Day 2 Total riders = 417 , Total entries = 455
St. Albert
Day 1 Total riders = 431 , Total entries = 472
Day 2 Total riders = 424 , Total entries = 454
Medicine Hat
Day 1 Total riders = 515 , Total entries = 562
Day 2 Total riders = 488 , Total entries = 522

2018 Provincials

Any tracks that want to host a Provincial in 2018 MUST have a letter of intent in at the meeting in St. Albert on August 19th. No exceptions this year.

2017 Provincial Teams announced

The 2017 Provincial Team will have projects in Rock Hill, Abbotsford, Surrey and Toronto. The team also has a number of local training camps scheduled and of course will be out in full force at the Canadian BMX National Championships at home in Calgary!
The team will be coached by Justin Tuchscherer and Cassidy Monaghan.

See the full Provincial and Devo team list here

2017 Worlds Out of Country Insurance

For Worlds in Rock Hill, it is going to be required that everyone have travel insurance.

So that people are not in a pinch at the last minute - please check your own Travel Insurance policy. Many policies have a list of exclusions which more often than not include Cycling or Bike Racing.

For those that need it the ABA/CCC have out of country travel insurance which can be purchased. It is approx $6.00/day with a min of $25.00. This is 100% the cost from the insurance brokers (the ABA does not add any charges), of course there are other places to purchase insurance, but again make sure Bike Racing is INCLUDED.

Document link is here if you want to use Canadian Cycling's Insurance. It has to be submitted BEFORE you leave the country.

You can submit it to Heather Lothian at Alberta Bicycle

2017 Licenses available

The 2017 online license registation portal is now open via Alberta Bicycle and Zone4. You will need your 2017 license to use the Olds facility and to register for Worlds (if you have qualified). Get it here...

2017 Executive and Provincial Race Series

The 2016 AGM completed in record time. There were a couple changes to the executive. Welcome aboard Amalie Tymstra and Doug Jones! See the full executive here...

There were plenty of dates to be juggled for Provincials this year due to the Rock Hill Worlds. The full schedule can be seen on our SCHEDULES page. Congratulations to all those clubs that were awarded a Provincial in 2017. For those that didn't, you're time is coming my pretties

2016 Alberta BMX AGM
This is a reminder of the 2016 Annual General meeting scheduled for October 22, 2016 in Airdrie.
Details as follows:

(1 vote per track plus executive with the exception of voting for the provincial series, then it is 1 vote per track)

9:00AM TO 5:00 PM



Red Deer Grands and Provincial Championships

The perfect ending to a record breaking season. What a year for BMX in Alberta!
Grands Total riders = 521 , Total entries = 563
Provincial Championships Total riders = 489 , Total entries = 522

2017 Provincial Team Information

Want to be on the Provincial Team or Provincial Development Team in 2017? Looking for a BMX Coaching gig? Here are all the links below:

Provincial Team Criteria

Provincial Development Team Criteria

Provincial Team Coach Position opening

Provincial Grands and Championships Info

Important points to remember:

  • You DO NOT have to qualify to race Grands on Saturday
  • You DO have to qualify to earn a year-end Provincial Cup Plate and award. (best 4 Provincials + the Grands)
  • The Provincial Championships is a one day stand-alone race that has nothing to do with the Provincial Cup Series
  • The Provincial Championships is age class only racing (same classes as Canadian National Championships)
  • The top 8 finishers in each class at the Provincial Championships earn an "AB" plate
  • Online registrations are seperate for each race because of the different classifications

Stony Plain Provincials 7 and 8

Another great and highly attended Provincial Cup!
Day 1 Total riders = 438 , Total entries = 466
Day 2 Total riders = 420 , Total entries = 448

Airdrie Provincials 5 and 6

A new Provincial Cup record for attendance! An awesome track rebuild! What a great weekend of competition!
Day 1 Total riders = 505 , Total entries = 537
Day 2 Total riders = 470 , Total entries = 501

Medicine Hat Provincials 3 and 4

While the weather looked threatening again, the sun shone and Medicine Hat had one of it's biggest and most successful Provincial Weekends in recent memory. Nice job everyone!
Day 1 Total riders = 368 , Total entries = 388
Day 2 Total riders = 362 , Total entries = 381

Edmonton Provincials 1 and 2

Unfortunate weather caused cancellation of day one after valiant efforts by the Edmonton crew. That put the rainout policy into effect and day 2 counted as 2 races for those that had registered for both days
Day 2 Total riders = 473 , Total entries = 503

New Online Moto App

We are now using a new mobile app for registration/moto/results tracking called SportsLists

google play


Or go to your app store and search for "SportsLists"

The app is free to download and use. Alberta BMX is paying the licensing fees for our members to use it. The BEM program reports and uploads to the app in real-time

2016 Official Plate Numbers

Wondering what plate number you need to run in 2016? The official list is here. If you are not on the list, then use the last 3 digits of your UCI number.
For example: CAN19661130 would run 130 on thier plate

2016 License Registration

Alberta Bicycle 2016 licenses are now available online here. If you plan on riding the Olds indoor after Dec 31, 2015 make sure you get your license

November 21, 2015

Elected executive for the 2016 season:
  • President elect - Chris Bullivant
  • Secretery elect - Fran Jassman
  • Rider Rep elect - Chris Nugent
  • Technical Rep elect - Darren Williams
  • To see the full executive list go here...
Proposed Rule Changes
to be ratified by the Alberta Bicycle BMX Committee
  • Remove Junior Devo as an official class and make it an optional second class (similar to an open)
  • Eliminate Championship Cruiser classes
  • Allow out of province UCI license holders to compete in the Provincial Series and qualify to be awarded a Provincial Plate
  • Allow out of province UCI license holdsers to compete in the Provincial Championship race, but be removed from the reulsts for awarded plates
2016 Schedule
The 4 weekends plus Grands/Championships have been awarded and the dates have been set. See our SCHEDULES page for the details.
Other notable news
  • Finish Line camera returns for all events
  • A new mobile app will be available at no charge to riders that shows rider lists, moto draws and results in near real-time
  • All tracks will be paid a dividend of $1500 from Alberta BMX to use as they wish for 2016

Olds Indoor Opens

The 2015/2016 Olds Indoor construction is complete and opening day is Sunday, November 8th.
You need a current Alberta Cycling license (general licenses are ok for Olds) and user fees apply. There are day rates, monthly rates and season rates. See our INDOOR page for more details

Alberta BMX AGM

2015 Alberta BMX Annual General Meeting will be held on Saturday November 21 and Sunday November 22, 2015 at the Best Western in Okotoks, AB.










100 Southbank Road, Okotoks, AB T1S 0N3

T: 403-995-6262 | F: 403-995-8838


A $50 membership plus a $1 per rider is due and payable on this weekend

Letter from the President

An open letter to all ABBMX riders and their families: I am writing to say thanks to everyone who has supported the ABBMX Provincial series and all the associated races the past number of years.
I have been the President of ABBMX since 2007 and although my term is up again this year I have decided not to let my name stand for re-election. It has been a great time and I am proud to say that as a Province we have raised the BMX bar in Canada. Although I'm the President and will take some credit I couldn't have done it alone!!!
Our sport has grown from a couple hundred riders per race to having just shy of 500 this weekend. I took over the helm at a time of unrest and uncertainty for BMX in AB. There were a number of issues threatening to tear us apart, we were like the rebellious teenager lacking direction. Our battles were both external and internal. In the end we preserved and were able to right the ship and now have the coveted BMX series we know today. For that I am immensely proud!!!!!
We've gone from radios that worked, kinda, to a top notch communication system for our Commissaries. Communication equipment doesn't come cheap but we supported it knowing that it would make officiating better. On that note, our officials have stepped up and have become a core of professionals and it shows during our races. Their consistency and fairness makes it a better race with a fair and equitable playing field. With the addition of a professional medical team we're able to better care for our riders and all those that come out to our events.
We now broadcast our races over a radio system. Thank you Glen. This is something that wasn't even thought of in AB when I took over the reins. We have on line registration and the ability to pay with credit and debit. Although I realize that this is common place now, the majority of you will never know the discussions that took place in order to bring us to this plateau. Many of you will remember, cash, cheque or bingo credits to register for a race. We can now officially say we're in the 21st century. LOL
We've supported tracks and our athletes so that now our riders are among the top in Canada. You only have to look at AB riders performances at the National Champs to see how far we've come. We've always had top riders but now our talent pool is extremely deep when compared to other Provinces. Our tracks are now top notch and so is our coaching and training. We're able to ride year round thanks to financial backing from ABBMX and a strong core of volunteers running the Olds indoor. We've been a strong financial supporter of the AB Provincial Team which has given many of our riders the ability to reach the National level in BMX. I can attest to the fact that training and access to top caliber tracks is the envy of other Provinces.
We've got branding that is prevalent at every race. Between feather flags, bumper stickers and a cargo trailer our brand is getting noticed.
I would remiss if I didn't mention some people who support me completing the core jobs during racing. Fran & Francine, if it wasn't for your hard work and dedication to our sport, registration would be an epic fail. DW, for you're dedication and support ensuring that all our riders points are up to date, the web site is always an excellent source of current information and of course, the on line registration maintenance. I couldn't have done it without you guys. To all the other executive including the various club Presidents over the years it was because of your insight, input and through extensive discussion/debate we've all made BMX in AB the sport we know and love today. I would love to mention you all individually but then this post would be 100 pages long....(-; The volunteers, we are all volunteers, and you're tireless work is greatly appreciated. I can't say enough how much I appreciated all the volunteers and their hard work. Without volunteers we wouldn't have a race. Thank you, thank you and thank you again. You guys ROCK!!!!
To everyone I have met because of racing over the past 10+ years. I am happy to say that I consider you friends. At the end of the day the best part is still the riders. It give me enormous joy to see the smiling faces and to know I've been present during that joyful event. Some of countless highlights were being part of the experience when the first Canadian female to race BMX in the Olympics, Sammy COOLS, came from AB and for me Airdrie (I was club President at the time) is a moment I'll remember forever. Seeing our riders reaching the pinnacle of our sport is very satifisying but seeing the look on a 5 year olds face as they carry a trophy that towers over them is very precious. I've been there when a rider is bursting with excitement over their first award plate. I've been there during the tears when a rider crashed and won't make their main. At the end of the day the grassroots is where it all begins. To coin a phrase, even the largest mountain started from a pebble. Finally, my most important supporters. Carolyn, Ben & Zach, you are the most important part of my success and the main reason I stuck with BMX as long as I did. From the moment you boys became involved in BMX I loved it, I remember seeing you guys carrying your trophy and seeing the joy it brought you. We've been together during the good times and the bad. There have been more good than bad just for the record. Your tireless dedication, being at the track 2 hours before most other people so that I could check on things due to rain the night prior then not leaving until 2 hours after everyone else due to awards etc. Countless hours traveling to races. Giving up vacations because I had to be at a race or a BMX meeting. All the time spent organizing awards. Hours, hell no, days that most people didn't even know about you helping. You guys are the best and words can't possibly express my gratitude and the love I feel for you guys and everything you have done supporting me and ultimately BMX. I love you guys!!! Although I'm not going to be President I will still be around the track. Now though, I might actually be on the side lines visiting rather then running around like a maniac making sure everything is going smooth. I look forward to enjoying a beer on the sidelines visiting my BMX friends, watching my boys race all the while knowing that things are under control due to the good people that have stepped up to carry on the tradition of running the best damn BMX races in Canada!!!!!
Take care everyone,

President, Alberta BMX Association

Season Wrap-up

Another successful season is over. Even the weather couldn't put a damper on the action as the Provincial Championship day was threatened, but a modified track and schedule made for an exciting day of short track racing for sure. Thanks to all the tracks, volunteers, racers and families that made 2015 one of the biggest years ever. Although we've never made it through a season without a hiccup or two, it continues to improve every year. Here's to bigger and better in 2016. Now...indoor is around the corner!

Provincial Championships

All Elites, Juniors and Devo class riders MUST compete in the time trials on Friday night to qualify for racing on Sunday. This was a new rule that was added at the end of last year. Please ensure that if you want to race in the Elite, Junior or Devo classes on Sunday you are there to compete in Time Trials Friday night at 7:00pm

The online registration for Sunday inadvertently left out the Devo classes. They are running a class on Sunday and time trials on Friday. Please register onsite for that class Friday night before 6:00pm (time trials start at 7:00)

Calgary Canda Cup 6 & Finals with Provincials 7 & 8

The stars came out for Calgary and after the smoke cleared (literally) a wicked race weekend was had by all. Big names showed for the Canada Cup, and the biggest Provincial of the year just happened. Check your standings if you're doing the series, the finals are around the corner in St. Albert!

Cochrane Provincials 5 & 6

The Cochrane crew, with a little help from some friends, got the track in race ready condition after a terrible week of rain, for the third stop on the Provincial Cup circuit. The race action did not disappoint, including one of the most exciting elite motos seen in a long time. Results are posted here. See you all in Calgary for rounds 7 & 8, along with the much anticipated Canada Cup/UCI race.

BMX Policy update - July 2015

The Alberta Bicycle BMX Policy has been updated with the rules specific to the new Devo classes. This rules will be in effect beginning with the Cochrane Provincial weekend. The policy book can be found here. 2015 rule changes are highlighted in orange. The Devo changes can be found in sections 7.8, 8, 9.3.17, 13.7 and 13.7.1

Provincials 3 & 4 Complete

Lethbridge hosted a hugely successful weekend for rounds 3 & 4 of the Provincial series. With the largest numbers seen for a southern Provincial aside from grands, excellent weather (a bit too breezy, but it's Lethbridge)and an incredible group of volunteers it was a great event. Off to Cochrane next for rounds 5 & 6. Registration is open here. Results from Lethbridge can be seen on our RESULTS page here.

National Championships - Drummondville

Congratulations to all the new 2015 "N" plate holders in Alberta! National Championships are done. That means if you are running an "N" plate from last year you must change it to your next highest ranking plate. The 2015 earned plate list can be found here (just be sure to ignore any of those "N" plates)

The full results from the Championships can be found here. Great showing by the Albertans that made the trip.

Provincial Team to compete at National Championships

Good luck to the Alberta Provincial Team as they head out to compete in the Canadian National Championships being held in Drummondville, Quebec on July 3-4

Check out the Provincial Team here...

Online pre-registration is open for races 3 & 4 of the Provincial Series

The Lethbridge leg of the tour is coming soon. Get yourself pre-registered. Remember, this year you can pre-register and still choose to pay at the track, simply choose that option during checkout ($5 extra charge will still apply for onsite registration).


Strider Events at Provincials

The rumours are true...there will be Strider events during this summers provincial series! Starting with both days at Edmonton BMX! During our lunch break little rippers will take to the track and show us all what they've got!

  • There is a $10.00 registration fee
  • Registration is at the track only (no online)
  • Participant must be 4 years old or younger
  • Participant must have a Strider / run bike
  • Participant must have a helmet (any type of helmet will do)
  • Feel free to dress up in costumes let's make this event fun!
  • All participants will get a special award from Alberta BMX!
This is not part of a series, there are no rankings or year end awards. Awards will be given out at each Strider event

BMX Day in Alberta

May 31, 2015 is BMX Day in Alberta. A province wide initiative to get participants out to the BMX tracks in Alberta. Support yopur local clubs, bring some friends! Official Poster here...

Online Registration is now open for Edmonton Provincials 1 & 2.

We are using a new online processing method this season and we think you will find it an improvement over last season. You will need to set-up a one time free user account when you register. For all future registrations you will be able to use your existing account. Registration page here...
Schedule and information page here...

March 30, 2015

Team Alberta riders Deven Kawa and Daina Tuchscherer have made the National BMX Team based on their past success and performance at the recent National Selection camp in South Carolina. Congratulations! They will join the following riders on the team:

  • Jim Brown
  • Tory Nyhaug
  • Brandon Reid
  • James Palmer
  • Alex Tougas
  • Gaby Malenfant
  • Chris White
  • Drew Mechielsen

March 2, 2015

For those coaches out there... It is highly recommended that each track should have at least one NCCP "trained" coach. There are some classes required to get that done. The Alberta Bicycle Association is hosting some. See the calendar here. For those that have already taken the BMX Skills and Tactics course, you are only part way to being NCCP "trained". Everyone wanting to get a "trained" status at a Community Cycling level will have to at minimum, take the two courses in the "Let's Ride Community Cycling Initiation".

January 8, 2015

2015 Provincial Team Announced. Find out who they are here...

December 18, 2015

The 2015 Earned Plate list is posted in our RESULTS section. If tou earned a World, National, Provincial Championship plate, or a Provincial Cup series plate you will be listed here. This is the plate you will run for 2015 in Alberta. If you are not on the list you will continue to run the number based on your birthdate

November 21, 2014

Calendar Change

Cycling Canada has changed the date of the National Championships (full CC Calendar here). This created a conflict and we have subsequently moved Lethbridge Provincial 3 & 4 to July 25-26. See our SCHEDULES page for the full Provincial calendar

November 7, 2014

Olds Indoor Opening

The 2014/2015 Olds Indoor season begins with open track on Sunday, November 9th from 11:00am to 4:00pm. See you there! Remember, you must have a valid Alberta Bicycle license and user fees apply. See the INDOOR page for more info

October 26, 2014

2014 AGM Results

Here are a few of the highlights from the 2014 AGM held in Red Deer

  • New VP is John Lavorato. All other postions remained the same due to 2 year terms or by acclimation. Head to our CONTACT page for the executive names and contact info
  • Proposed new class addition to the Provincial Cup will be the Devo Class (male and female). It will recieve special D plates and year end awards just as any other class in the series. It will be open only to riders of the expert level between 14 and 16 years of age at Dec. 31 of the race year.
  • It is proposed that for Championship classes (Junior and Elite), Time Trials at the Provincial Championship race will be mandatory to qualify to compete in the Provincial Championship race.
  • It is proposed that wins at any race above a district level are doubled for advancement purposes. For example, a win at a Provincial Cup race is worth two wins for advancement to the next ability level (e.g. Novice to Intermediate)
  • It is passed that all Alberta licensed riders that earned an N plate at the 2014 National Championships in Drummondville will receive one free class entry per N plate earned to the 2015 Grands in St. Albert. This will be revisted each year the Nationals are held outside of our Province
  • It is passed that the Provincial Cup plaque awards will be replaced with medals and ribbons for 2015
  • The schedule and race locations have been decided. Head on over to our SCHEDULES page for the details
  • It is proposed that the Provincial Team add a DEVO group that will be able to run a special team jersey and participate in team camps and coaching
"PROPOSED" changes must be ratified by Alberta Bicycle and added to the BMX Policy rulebook to become final

October 15, 2014

2015 Provincial Team Applications

Applications for the 2015 Provincial team MUST be in by October 31, 2014. All athletes must apply, including the automatic selections

There are up to 6 committee selections to the team, so even if you are not an automatic selection you can still apply. Read all the details on the Alberta Bicycle website here

September 10, 2014

Season Wrap Up

The 2014 season is complete. Thanks to the always awesome Airdrie facility and crew for hosting the Grands and the Provincial Championships. It was another season full of triumph and defeat. Such is the nature of BMX racing. Hopefully everyone comes back for another season with a new desire to do their best and have fun. This year also saw many of the Aberta Team riders reach new heights on the National and Worldwide stage. Great job Alberta Team and managers.

Don't forget, you can still get your BMX fill over the winter at the Olds Indoor facility

August 27, 2014

Provincial Grands and Championships

Registration is now open for the final weekend in Airdrie. Click here for online registration. Things to note:

  • The provincial series final is on Saturday (cost is $5 more than regular Provincials)
  • The Provincial Championship on Sunday is a one day race with age classes only (no Novice, Intermediate, or Expert)
  • Because of the different formats you must register seperately
  • Juniors and Elites have time trials on Friday night for ranking in Sundays Championships race

August 18, 2014

Provincial Series

The regular series weekends have completed with the recent races in Stony Plain. Great job by Stony Plain and thier crew in getting the track in shape for the weekend. We now have only the final race left to go (The Grands) in Airdrie. This is a single points race and is mandatory to qualify for a ranking and plate in the series. As always, the Sunday race on the Grands weekend will be the Alberta Provincial Championships, a one day age group only race for the coveted AB plates (top 8 only)

August 5, 2014

Canada Cup 5 & 6

For those Devos, Juniors and Elites that are competing in Canada Cup 5 & 6 in St. Albert, you can pre-register on Zone 4

Technical guide and informational poster can be found on our SCHEDULES page

There will also be a double points district race each day in conjunction with the Canada Cup for those other race classes

August 2, 2014

Online Registration

Online registration is now open for the Stony Plain Provincial weekend. As a reminder, online registration now requires payment. Please remember to re-enter your ABA license number on the credit card payment form in the customer ID field. It helps validate the payment to the rider registration.

July 28, 2014

2015 Provincial Bids

Reminder to all tracks: You MUST have your letter of intent done for the Stony Plain meeting (after racing on Saturday) if you plan on bidding for a 2015 Provincial weekend. This is not your presentation (that will be done at the AGM).

July 15, 2014

Cochrane BMX schedule for the week of July 14-18

click here for Pre registration for the Provincial Weekend

*Monday - Race Night*

Track opens 6pm
Onsite registration 6-6:30pm
Pre-registration by text at 1-587-586-0707 until 6 pm
Racing at 7pm

*Tuesday - Coaching (registered users only) 6-7:15*
Open Track 7:30-9pm (all licenced riders)

*Wednesday - Closed*

*Thursday- Race Night*
Track opens 6pm
Onsite registration 6-6:30pm
Pre-registration by text at 1-587-586-0707 until 6 pm
Racing at 7pm

*Friday - Double Points Race*
Registration $10
Pre-registration at by 10pm Thursday July 17th.
On-site registration from 4:30-6pm
Racing at 7pm
Open Track from 4:30-6:30

July 13, 2014

A perfect weekend of awesome racing at the Calgary BMX track for both Provincials 3 and 4 and Canada Cups 1 and 2. Almost all of the countries' top talent showed up for the cup and race fans weren't disappointed. Kudos to Calgary BMX and all the volunteers. Results are posted. Cochrane in a week! Pre-Register now!

July 8, 2014

Calgary Provincial and Canada Cup

Online registration for the Provincial Series closes Wednesday, July 9th at 10:00pm MST. Please be aware that if your payment was unsuccessful you are NOT pre-registered. You will have received a payment confirmation email if your payment was processed.

The Canada Cup Race online pre-reg will remain open until 10:00pm MST Thursday, July 10th. Online payment is NOT available for the Canada Cup

Cochrane Provincial pre-reg will open Friday, July 11th in the am

July 2, 2014

Changes to Online Registration

Starting now, online registration will require payment. If you want to pay via cash, debit, cheque or club credits, you will have to register onsite at the scheduled times. Online registration with payment now allows you to skip the payment line and go straight to the pre-reg check-in line to present your license. All Provincials will have two lines at registration, one for those that did not pre-reg and need to pay, and one for those that are pre-registered simply for license check.

The online form also now allows you to enter two classes on the same form (for example 20" and Cruiser, or 20" and Open). So now you can do your entire registration for the weekend on one form.

Don't forget, we have new open classes too! 9 & Under, 10-13, and 14+. They are available to enter in the list of classes on the online form

We have online pre-reg open for the Calgary event and the Canada Cup Event.
The Canada Cup event will not have online payments enabled, you will have to pay onsite during scheduled times for that event

Online registration for Cochrane will open immediately after Calgary closes on Wednesday July 9th at 10:00pm

June 17, 2014

Lethbridge Provincials and the state of emergency

The Lethbridge Provincials are a go. Despite high water levels in the river, the track and 99% of the city are fine. The forecast is favorable, the track is shedding water and no decision would be made to cancel until Friday at the earliest. One thing to mention though...the campground IS in the river bottom and IS evacuated. If you were planning to camp, the city will be allowing camping at the Enmax Centre parking lot.

Also, online registration will be closing Wednesday, June 18th at 10:00pm. Get your entries in and save

June 9, 2014

Online Registration for Provincials 1 and 2 is now open

Online registration is now open for the Lethbridge Provincial weekend. Online payment is not yet ready for prime time so you will only be able to pre-register online (no payments). You still save $5 per entry by pre-registering online. The credit/debit machine is here however, and you will be able to pay with debit or credit card at the registration window.

Go to our REGISTRATION page to get started.

You must have your 2014 license number to register online

May 31, 2014

BMX Day in Alberta

Back for its second year, the Alberta Bicycle Association in conjunction with each of our affiliated tracks is happy to present BMX Day in Alberta - a Province-wide initiative aimed at promoting the Olympic sport of BMX racing while encouraging new participants to give BMX a try.

BMX Day in Alberta is a one-day event, celebrating our beloved sport of BMX around the Province. On Saturday May 31st, each of our affiliated BMX tracks will open their doors to anyone interested in trying out BMX for the first time. From ages 4 to 104, this event is open to anyone wanting to try cycling's newest Olympic discipline.

See more details and each tracks scedule at the official page here

May 12, 2014

2014 Series updates

1. For those wondering about earned plate numbers and the new merged classes in the older ranks, there will be no adding of zeroes. Run the plate you earned. If there is a duplicate plate issue at a Provincial, it will be addressed at that time by adding an "x", or "y" for that race only.

2. The new open classes will be as follows:

  • 9 and Under Open
  • 10 - 13 Open
  • 14+ Open

April 18, 2014

April 19-20 will be the last week of riding at the Olds indoor facility for the year (double points race on Saturday)

Volunteers needed for the following weekend (April 26-27) for tear-down. Please let them know at the office or on their Facebook page if you can help.

April 4, 2014

Alberta Summer Games Qualifying

This year we are asking that all athletes interested in qualifying for the Airdrie Games pre-register online prior to their Zone Qualifier. It's important to note that just because an athlete is pre-registered, it does not mean that they've made the team. This will enter athletes into an inactive pool, which will be activated after each team is chosen. The information is also posted on the Alberta Summer Games Webpage, and will be promoted throughout social media and newsletters in the weeks leading up to the qualifiers. The link to pre-register online is here
Once arriving at the above link, athletes must click "Participant Registration" and complete their registration. Zone Coaches and Chaperones are also required to pre-register online via the same link under "Participant Registration". Once your final team is chosen, athletes will be required to complete the "Final Athlete Registration", paying the $50 Games registration fee. Alberta Bicycle has set up a separate Zone4 online registration for this, which will be open once Zone Qualifiers start. Only athletes who make the team will be required to complete this additional online registration. The link for the "Final Athlete Registration" can be found below, although as mentioned above it will not be open until Zone Qualifiers have started on May 4th.
Zone 4 Final Registration
If you have any questions or concerns please contact Josh Peacock at Alberta Bicycle

March 21, 2014

Track Operators Meetings, NORTH and SOUTH

New for 2014, the Alberta Bicycle Association will be hosting Track Operators Meetings in the North and South to help better facilitate the sharing of information between the ABA and our BMX Track Operators. This meeting will be mandatory for all Track Operators to attend. If you are unable to attend, you may send another track representative in your place.

North (includes Edmonton, Stony Plain, St. Albert, and/or Red Deer)
Monday April 14th @ 6:30pm
Percy Page Centre
11759 Groat Road NW
Room 8, 3rd Floor (must use back entrance)
Edmonton, AB
T3B 5R5

South (includes Calgary, Okotoks, Airdrie, Cochrane, Medicine Hat, Coalhurst, Lethbridge, and/or Red Deer)
Bob Niven Training Centre, Large Boardroom
Saturday April 12th @ 12:00 noon
88 Canada Olympic Road SW
Calgary, AB,
T3B 5R5

As you all know, the ABA approved the purchase of bar-code scanners for all tracks in 2014. We have placed the order for each track�s scanner, and plan to distribute them to each track at the Track Operator�s Meetings. We will also host a brief workshop on how to use the barcode scanner for local race nights.

If you have any specific items you�d like to see discussed on this year�s agenda, please let me know.

February 14, 2014


The Olds indoor Provincial has been moved to Calgary BMX on the weekend of July 12-13 in conjunction with the Canada Cup. See the SCHEDULES page for more

January 30, 2014

Three BMX Commissaire courses planned for March. See the schedule here

January 22, 2014

2014 Provincial Team Announced. Find out who they are here...

January 21, 2014

The 2014 BMX Policy Book has been approved and published by the Alberta Bicycle Association BMX Commitee. See the rulebook here. All changes are highlighted in ORANGE

Commissaire Courses

The Alberta Bicycle Association have posted their 2014 BMX Commissaire Course dates & registrations. The full calendar complete with registration links can be found here

January 14, 2014

The AICC are pleased to announce that Ken Cools, Canada's national BMX coach, will be hosting a 2 day open camp in Olds at the megadome for all riders of any ability. The camp will be held February 8 from 3:00pm-7:00pm and February 9 from 1:00pm-5:00pm. Registration will be on site 1hr before start time to ensure the camp starts at the posted time. Cost is $100 for the two days. Please have your license, smile and be ready to ride.

January 6, 2014

AICC Indoor is offering pro-rated season passes for those that want to start up in 2014:

  • 4 month: (Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr) $266 single - $433 family
  • 3 month: (Feb, Mar, Apr) $200 single - $325 family
  • 2 month: (Mar, Apr) $133 single - $216 family

Check out the INDOOR page for more information

January 2, 2014

Indoor racing resumes in Olds on January 4th. Make sure you have a copy (or proof of purchase) of your 2014 license. If you don't have it yet, you can get it here

January 1, 2014

Happy New Year! Welcome to the new Alberta BMX website. It has been modernized for better navigation and is fully responsive across all device types, from widescreen PC's to tablets, to smartphones.

Don't forget to follow us on Twitter and Facebook too!

Here's looking forward to a great 2014 season!

November 6, 2013

Olds Indoor Opens

Saturday November 9th from 11:00am to 4:00pm

Sunday November 10th from 11:00am to 4:00pm

Reminder: All those who ride on the AICC Track must be Alberta Bicycle Association membership holders. For more information on membership types and rates, please click here. All those who attend the track without a valid 2013 membership will be denied access. For all those who have not yet purchased a Track Membership for the 2013/2014 season, you may do-so during open hours of the track. The full season schedule will be posted soon. For directions to the Alberta Indoor BMX Centre, click here. For up to date information about the facility and all upcoming events, "Like" the Facebook page here. Alternatively, click here for an up to date informational poster.

October 15, 2013

Well the time has come once again for Alberta BMX to host a casino. As you all know, this is a great fundraiser for Alberta BMX. Our casino this year is on Tuesday Jan 7 and Wednesday Jan 8. Please, if you can help out just reply to Fran and let her know where you would to put your name. A reminder to those who are travelling in to work this casino, Alberta BMX will provide you with rooms and will also pay your mileage one way to help offset the costs. Please, if you can help that would be greatly appreciated. Schedule here...

October 5, 2013

Elected executive for the 2014 season:
  • President elect - Tim Croft
  • Secretery elect - Fram Jassman
  • Rider Rep elect - Wendy Vandenhoven
  • Technical Rep elect - Darren Williams
  • To see the full executive list go here...
New practice schedule:
  • 9 & Under: 20" & Cruiser - 20 minutes
  • 10 - 13: 20" & Cruiser - 20 minutes
  • 14+: 20" & Cruiser - 20 minutes
  • Jr/Elite: 15 minutes
  • Two rounds on Saturday, one one Sunday
New classes (proposed):
  • 10-11 Open
  • 12-13 Open
  • 14+ Open
  • 30 - 39 Male and Female Cruiser
  • 40+ Male and Female Cruiser
  • 30 - 39 Novice, Intermediate, Expert Male 20"
  • 40+ Novice, Intermediate, Expert Male 20"
Female Expert Merge Rule

Expert girls merge rule remains unchanged for 14+, but 13 and under will merge down one age male class (eg 12x girl merges with 11x boys)

Provincial Series Format Change

With the addition of an indoor Provincial again this year, the series format again becomes a best 4 out of 8 results + the Grands for year end awards

Online/Onsite registrations

We will be rolling out a new feature this year that will allow you to pay your entry fees when you pre-reg online.

We will also be introducing a debit/credit card machine at onsite registration for those that want to pay at the track

REMEMBER: Regardless of what format you choose for payment you must still check it at registration with your license at every event


Alberta Bicycle will be supplying all tracks with barcode scanners to ease registration as the 2014 licenses will now come with barcodes. Show your license at the window, have it scanned and you are registered with all the correct information

August 6, 2013

St. Albert BMX is holding 2 Double Points District racing events at St. Albert BMX: $10 entry fee/class (each race) Wednesday, August 21, 2013. Register by 6:30 pm, Racing starts at 7:15 pm. Great way to get some valuable district points while you practice for the Canadian BMX Championships! Sunday, August 25, 2013. This race is for Challenge riders and is part of the Canada Cup event. District racing and Open class racing for prize$!. See the official event poster for practice, registration and race times.

June 24, 2013

Three Alberta Bicycle Development Camps coming up:
  • Red Deer - July 20, 2013
  • St. Albert - August 10, 2013
  • Stony Plain - August 11, 2013

June 22, 2013

Schedule Changes

Due to the recent flooding issues seen throughout Alberta some quick planning had to be made to save the 2013 Provincial Series. Airdrie will now take the date originally slated for Red Deer as flooding there has made holding the race on the scheduled date impossible. The rainout make-up weekend, which was originally going to go to Airdrie, will now go to Red Deer. So the order of Provincial weekends now goes like this:

  • Airdrie
  • Stony Plain
  • Red Deer
  • Medicine Hat

Head on over to the SCHEDULES page for all the dates and details

May 29, 2013

Airdrie Provincials 1 & 2 Host Hotels:

Comfort Inn and Suites Airdrie

Group name :Airdrie BMX

Rate: $129 + tax


Group Name: Airdrie BMX

Rate: $125 + Tax

May 21, 2013

Rider Development Camp at Calgary BMX, June 1st, 2013

$40/rider. Register on site. Camp runs from 11:00 - 2:00. All ages welcome

Informational Poster

November 26, 2012

Indoor Racing begins December 2nd.

Registration - 12:30 to 1:30, Racing at 2:00

All riders must have long sleeves, pants (no denim), full face helmet and gloves.

Make sure you have the proper plate on your bike as well please. See the INDOOR page for more info...

September 23, 2012


DATE: OCT 13, 14, 2012


4311 49TH AVENUE









August 18, 2012

Quoted from Cycling BC:

Abbotsford SX Hill open times: August 2012

The SX hill in Abbotsford will be open for the following time:

  • Monday's 6-9pm
  • Wednesday 5:30 - 7 and after racing
  • Aug 28th -30th - Noon to 5pm

If a group of people would like to have it open for other time, please contact to set up training times.

Abbotsford SX Hill Information

Our goal is to provide access to as many athletes as possible in the safest manner. We will have an age restriction for usage of the hill of 14 years of age (UCI born in 1997) and older. We will provide access to athletes under the age of 14 with the permission and presence of an approved provincial coach. We want to provide access to exceptional under aged athletes however, safety is a major concern for us and we want them to experience the hill in the safest possible manner. We also want to promote the safety of everyone involved. To do so we feel that the top of the SX hill should be reserved for athletes and there respective coaches. We don�t want this to be a gathering point for people to sit and watch.

Safety gear:

All athletes using the SX Hill must have full BMX safety gear (gloves, long sleeve top, Full face helmet, long pants or shorts with knee/shin protection). It is recommended that athletes wear knee and elbow protection. All athletes under the age of 18 must wear knee and elbow protection.


All athletes must have a current UCI license to use the SX hill.


Canadian UCI holders who want to ride the hill can do so with proof of license and signing a waiver at a cost of $25 for one day or $35 for the rest of 2012. International riders must show proof of a valid UCI license and sign a waiver and pay $25 for each day.

July 31, 2012

The Provincial Peak Performance Team is hosting their second training camp of the season. The camp will be held at the St. Albert BMX track on Sunday August 12th, and will run from 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM. The Training Camp is open to riders of all ages and all skill levels. The camp will be coached by 7 of the Provincial Teams top athletes: Calvin Mcrae, Justin Tuchscherer, Elaine McAdam, Morgan McAdam, Tanner Vandenhoven, Chase Kellin, and Daina Tuchscherer. The coaches are determined to put on a very unique and exciting training camp and guarantee to make a difference in your riding. They have all attended many different training camps and coaching programs and all have years of race experience behind them. They are anxious to share their skills and expertise and promise a great day of riding, learning, and fun. Registration can be done on location prior to the camp. The Super Seven Camp is $35.00 per rider and all proceeds will be used towards a race project for the Peak Provincial Team. Riders are required to show up a minimum of 1/2 hr. before the camp and need to bring running shoes, full riding gear and bike, and have a snack and water.

June 14, 2012

Edmonton BMX is working very hard so everyone who attends our provincial races will have a great experience participating in the Alberta provincial race series. Edmonton BMX is one of many user groups in Argyll park where we are located. We have a good working relationship with the community surrounding us and would like to continue to do so; so that we can remain there for many years. We are asking everyone attending to please respect the neighborhood by obeying speed limits and parking bylaws. Please do not park so you are encroaching on anyone's driveway. This was the only complaint we had 2 years ago when we hosted our last race in 2010. We will have the over flow parking again, east of the track at the old school. The city does not want any RV�s or trailers parking in the over flow or main parking lot. Any one with RV�s or trailers will have to park on the main street.

May 6, 2012

The Provincial Peak Performance Team is hosting a Training Camp at the Airdrie BMX track on Saturday June 02, from 11:00 - 3:00 and is open to riders of all ages and all skill levels. The camp will be coached by 7 of the Provincial Teams top athletes: Calvin Mcrae, Justin Tuchscherer, Elaine McAdam, Morgan McAdam, Tanner Vandenhoven, Chase Kellin, and Daina Tuchscherer. The coaches are determined to put on a very unique and exciting training camp and guarantee to make a difference in your riding. They have all attended many different training camps and coaching programs and all have years of race experience behind them. They are anxious to share their skills and expertise and promise a great day of riding, learning, and fun. Registration can be done on location prior to the camp. The Super Seven Camp is $35.00 per rider and all proceeds will be used towards a race project for the Peak Provincial Team. Riders are required to show up a minimum of 1/2hr before the camp and need to bring running shoes, full riding gear and bike, and have a snack and water.

April 7, 2012

Supercamp in Calgary July 19-22, 2012.

March 28, 2012

There has been a recent change to the BMX Racing Policy that may affect riders at each of your tracks. The change is regarding Open Class racing at District and Provincial races; 15.14 Open Class Racing: District Points will not be awarded at any Open Class race at the District or Provincial Level. Additionally, riders who achieve wins at any Open Class race will not be permitted to use those wins towards eventual upgrade in ability.

March 18, 2012

Supercamp in Edmonton July 5-8, 2012.

February 27, 2012

The Alberta BMX Performance Team is holding a development camp for all riders on March 24th. This is a good chance for riders to get extra time on the track and work on their skills before the provincial. The funds generated will go to helping pay for various Team projects.

February 23, 2012

Important note to all Tracks,

The UCI BMX Rule Book has been revised, with changes effective May 21st of this year. There are several notable rule updates in there, specifically some that will pertain to Alberta tracks & riders this season; The new rule that will affect us most is the altering of a BMX race calendar season (pg. 3 item 6.1.006) which states: �The calendar season 2012 has started on August 1, 2011 and continues until December 31, 2012. From 2013 on, the calendar season starts on January 1 and continues until December 31.� This means that if you have any 2nd year Junior Elite riders, they will remain Juniors until the end of the calendar year. They will not be required to upgrade to Elite after world championships as in previous years. On the same note, if you have any 16 Expert riders, they will not be permitted to ride as a Junior Elite until 2013. Other rules worth considering at the District/Provincial level are:

  • With the popularity of HD video camera usage (pg. 18 item 6.1.060)
  • Track Re-entrance (pg. 25 item 6.1.087)

February 13, 2012

AICC update:

Racing is on for this long weekend(Feb 18-19)Facility open regular hours

Introduction of 2 new open class Moto�s 7-9 yr old and 10�12 yr old.

January 26, 2012

Indoor Update


�The first two weekends are in the books and participation has been excellent from riders and volunteers. Volunteers have been coming in from all tracks, Red Deer, Calgary, Medicine Hat, Airdrie, Okotoks and Cochrane to name a few. I don't mean to overlook anyone and I apologize if I missed you. The number of riders for the first 2 weekend is over 250 and that is very promising. We hope to see the same support for the indoor facility in the weeks to come. A special thanks goes out to all the volunteers that came out during the build, Adam Muys of the CCA, the Herter family of Medicine Hat, RSC rentals, Richardson Brothers Contracting, Cochrane BMX for the gate and the Olds Agriculture Society.�

Jonas Tremel

January 13, 2012

Hello BMX� rs

Indoor Facility will open at 10:30 am Saturday January 14, 2012. All riders affiliated with the following clubs, (as shown on the CCA license receipts): Red Deer BMX, Airdrie BMX, Okotoks BMX, Calgary BMX and St. Albert BMX will enjoy free entry until the end of the season . If you are a CCA registered rider , but affiliated with a club not listed above, please be prepared to pay a $10 drop in fee per day for the weekend of January 14 � 15th. Starting January 22nd , any riders affiliated with clubs that have chosen not to donate will have to pay the $75.00 per rider or $100 per family fee. This will have to be paid by cash or cheque made payable to Alberta BMX. The concession will be open on Race days only, so please bring your own drinks and snacks. Volunteers will be required daily to assist with the running of the track, we are hoping no one will decline the opportunity to help out when asked by any of the organizing committee. With this being the start of what we are hoping is a long term relationship with the Olds Ag society please consider where you are dropping your trash and respect the facility. Clean up after yourself, and please pick up any trash you see laying around. This facility is UNHEATED and yes it can get chilly in there for spectators, so please dress appropriately. We have made arrangement for large diesel powered heaters but they can only do so much. The restrooms are heated but let�s not make them the socializing area. The best way to warm up is to grab a rake or shovel or broom and help out on the track. The rules of every track in Alberta apply here as well, Full face helmets, Long sleeves, full finger gloves, and no exposed skin on your legs. All track volunteers directions are to be adhered too, and anyone not adhering to these rules will be invited to vacate the facility. The volunteers that have put many hours into making this happen are very excited for a fun few months of riding. Please be certain to thank any of them if you see them.


Mike Nelson

Vice President / Director of Communications AICC

January 9, 2012

Dear Alberta BMX

Well the dream is alive! I am very happy to say that the indoor track at the Olds Megadome is complete. The track looks fantastic and will be ready for riding this weekend January 14-15th. I absolutely need to thank all the volunteers, who helped take this track from concept to reality. A really big thanks to a very dedicated core group, who worked 4 very long days to complete the build: Jonas Tremel, Adam Muys, Shane Beraducci, and Mike Herter. I also want to thank RSC Equipment, Olds Ag Society, Nilex, and Red Deer Home Building Centre, for their generous donations of equipment and supplies. I truly can�t thank you enough!! We are in the process of putting together a track board to handle the management of this project through the season. If you are interested in getting involved, please contact myself, Jonas Tremel, or Mike Nelson. We would be happy to talk with you this weekend at the track. The Indoor Group is very excited about the great possibilities the indoor presents, and we have big plans for the future. The staff at the Olds Ag Society has been fantastic to work with and they are looking forward to a long term relation with Alberta BMX. The Indoor Group is already actively planning for upcoming seasons, which will see us open October through April and introduce a winter race series, coaching, and Provincial races. The indoor will basically eliminate any gaps in riding and allow for year around training and racing. There truly is nothing we can do to improve rider skill levels and competitiveness with the other provinces, than to allow our kids the opportunity to ride year round. We encourage everyone to join us this weekend for the Grand Opening and to come check out this amazing facility. This facility is very central in the province and is a long time dream for many riders and families. The track is complete, so please take advantage of the opportunity to get a head start on the summer season and get an advantage on your competition. We have sent out notice to all Track clubs to support this project with a $1000.00 donation, which would help offset the startup costs and allow all club members free access to the facility, coaching, and racing for the 3 months. These donations can be discussed with AB BMX President, Tim Croft or any of the Indoor Group members. For any clubs who wish not to contribute, we have decided that registration would be only $75.00/ rider or $100.00/ family for the 3 months of riding. However, I hope that all Alberta Clubs will see the true value in investing in this project and understand the impact it can bring to the progression of this sport in our province! The Olds BMX Indoor has great long term potential if we support it and I can�t imagine anyone wouldn�t, if they take time to see this great facility! The current plan for this winter is as follows:

  • Saturday: Open Track 10:30AM - 3:00PM
  • Sunday: Coaching and New Rider Training 11:00AM - 12:30PM
  • Racing (age class and open class)1:30PM - 3:00PM (Scheduled to begin Jan.22nd)
  • Registration (On-site) 12:00PM � 1:00PM

*** Please note that a current Alberta License Registration is required to be insured and to have access to ride on the track. They are available online at: We will try to post any Indoor information, updates, and schedules on this site. Schedule posted here page Please get out to Olds and check out this amazing facility!!

See u Soon

Dale Tuchscherer

Alberta Bicycle Association

December 1st, 2011

*Alberta Riders receive early BMX Christmas gift*

Alberta BMX is pleased to announce that successful efforts have taken place and an indoor BMX facility has been secured for January to April 2012. The building will be at the Mega dome located in Olds. Building of the track is expected to begin in mid December and the track will hopefully be open and ready for training in early January 2012. The Alberta Provincial race originally scheduled for April 2012 will be moved to March 31st and April 1st due to scheduling conflicts with the originally scheduled weekend. The cost of this facility is expected to be approximately $25,000. The majority of the funding for this facility will come from the indoor fund that Alberta BMX created during the Provincial series in 2011. The remainder will come from Club donations and/or user fees. We will provide full details as soon as possible. We are planning to bring Adam MUYS in from BC to build the track. That being said though I would suspect that volunteers will be needed to assist. We will also be looking for a gate to use. If anyone has one available please let me know and we'll make arrangements to get it to Olds. I would like to thank all those that have made the indoor a reality for 2012 and hopefully beyond. I see this as a great opportunity to develop our Alberta riders.


Tim Croft

President-Alberta BMX

2011 AGM Results

Positions up for election this year:

  • President - Tim Croft (winner)
  • Secretary - Fran Jassman (acclimation)
  • Rider Rep - Shawn Loewen (acclimation)
  • Technical Rep - Darren Williams (acclimation)

Change to practice groups for 2012:

  • 9 & Under
  • Cruisers
  • 10-13 Yrs
  • 14 & Over
  • Junior/Elite

Change to registration and practice times on Sunday Provincial Cups

  • Registration from 7:00am to 8:00am
  • One practice round only
  • Racing starts at 10:00am

With the addition of an indoor Provincial this year qualification is now best 4 races + the Grands.

Championship Cruiser class remains but is now only 100% payback for the purse

September 26, 2011

Abbotsford Supercross

Alberta Bicycle Association in cooperation with CCA will be hosting a Supercross camp for Alberta athletes following the Chilliwack weekend. This is open to Alberta Provincial Team riders 14years old and over, as well as any and all Alberta Jr and Elite riders. It will take place on the SX hill and track in Abbotsford on Monday and Tuesday October 10-11th 10am-2pm each day. This camp is open to a maximum of 14 riders. There is an annual access fee of $25 for any Canadian athletes to access the SX hill. Alberta Bicycle Association will cover this cost for Provincial Team members but transportation, meals, accommodation and other expenses will be the responsibility of the athlete. If you are not on the Provincial Team but are Jr or Elite (or are a 16x rider planning on licensing in 2012 as a Jr or Elite) you are still welcome to participate but the $25 athlete cost will also be yours to cover. Please RSVP to Josh Peacock with your intentions by October 3 so that we can complete the organizational process with CCA and Abbotsford BMX. More info about the Supercross track here

September 20, 2011

2011 AGM


OCT 15, 16, 2011






1904 - 13th AVENUE NORTH









Hope to see at least one representative from each track attending the meeting. Please those that have Provincial race presentations, We beg of you to provide more information than just a Kleenex.